Portfolio: some projects made by Dot Business

Below we present some of the web projects made by Dot Business.

Every web project is unique, born from the entrepreneur's ideas and we still have the task of channeling those ideas into concrete realizations that can be new e-commerce, new websites, web marketing campaigns.

Outletarreda: e-commerce project

From the local sale of furniture products with personalized design to the omnichannel, in summary this is the path of Outletarreda supported by Dot Business.

Business plan, market analysis, choice of cms, development, optimization and training are the cornerstones of this magento project that led to the creation of one of the most important online furniture stores in Italy.


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Cucine Clara: the launch of a new brand

Cucine Clara is a young Italian brand of high-end kitchens, a completely new business project that has seen us involved from the start.

Creation of the logo, creation of the website, SEO, advertising, social media marketing and ongoing digital marketing consultancy, these are the activities in which Dot Business is involved from the first day of the Clara project.

The publication of the site was accompanied by the launch of a continuous SEO optimization activity on site and off site.

Thrill International: a new multilingual website

For Thrill International we have created the new multilingual website with integrated SEO optimization service.

We have analyzed the positioning of competitors and studied the conscious demand to make the most of organic visibility in a sector that is still emerging and reserved for food and beverage specialists.

The project has seen us involved with website development, seo optimization, market research.

The project was developed in collaboration with Flymark.eu which deals with social media marketing activities.

Chiarasilvestri.it a new photomodel website

We have created the website of Chiara Silvestri, a freelance photomodel.

A project focused above all on aesthetic performance and the ability to maximize the image, finding a balance with SEO positioning needs.

From the study of search intent to strategic copywriting, a complete project that ideally embraces the whole world of art and culture.


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Rio Caffè: new website with e-commerce included

Rio Caffè is an Italian artisan roasting company, one of those Italian realities where the love for their work gives rise to products of unique quality.

For them we have created the new website by integrating e-commerce, blogs and local SEO into a single solution.

The services involved are: e-commerce development and on-site SEO.

AGOGE Personal Trainer: new website and local SEO

AGOGE Personal Trainer Studio is a gym specialized in personalized training, courses and services for the person related to food and wellbeing.

Dot Business has created a website for them with an integrated blog and local SEO optimization to ensure maximum visibility and conversion from a geolocated audience.


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