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Dot Business is an innovative web agency focused on creation of e-commerce projects and web sites with integrated SEO and strategic marketing consulting.

We help our customers to develop new e-Business Models that enable them to generate value through the web using the most appropriate channels: web site, e-commerce, blog, social media marketing, advertising.

We create web sites for companies and freelancers with integrated SEO consulting service.

We create customized e-commerce sites for large, medium and small companies with customzed solutions designed specifically to meet the specific client needs.

We create Social media marketing strategy and operational campaigns, combined with online advertising solutions such as adwords, facebook ads, twitter and others.

SEO the starting point of web marketing

We create custom designed websites and blogs for companies and freelancers.

Thanks to a careful work of business analysis, our web sites are real business tools that create business value by pursuing specific goals.

Creating a web site or blog we pay special attention to SEO, studying thoroughly the contents, logical content structure and simplifying the user experience. This is to maximize organic visibility offered by search engines.

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Dot Business creates e-commerce sites for companies and freelancers who want to access the online market with their own shop.

We provide a full consultancy service for e-Commerce projects: business plan, strategic positioning, choice of best e-commerce platform, creating e-commerce web site, integrated SEO consulting to optimize content and site structure, recruitment and training.

Creating e-Commerce sites we pay attention to SEO to offer our clients the highest organic visibility by a thorough study of the logical structure, the texts, images and user experience.

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We provide web marketing solutions for our clients, social media marketing campaigns, advertising, SEM.

We offer a service of social media strategic and operational marketing for companies which want to have a professional presence in the social media that allows to increase brand awareness, reputation or fan base.

We create SEM and online advertising campaigns for companies which want to advertise through the web and achieve specific strategic goals. We create campaigns based on adwords, facebook ads, twitter ads and all major online advertising platforms.

We provide advices in: strategic marketing, business efficiency, recruiting and training for e-commerce store manager positions and social media manager.

Each Dot business project related to the creation of a website, ecommerce or blog, is the result of extensive work based on the creation of an e-business model.

Strategic marketing consultancy. Create a business plan or act on strategic positioning and pricing allows us to create a website or e-commerce more efficient and effective, a real business tool that generates value.

The company's efficiency is a consulting service that improves the efficiency of all business processes to reduce waste and increase productivity.

Recruitment and training are HR consulting services useful during the redeployment or recruitment for new e-commerce and social media marketing projects.

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