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Dot Business is an extended web agency.

Define Dot Business simply as a web agency is an understatement, although it is not wrong, because we do this job in a whole new way, providing our clients with a comprehensive service that begins long before the creation of a web site or e-commerce and ends long after its online publication.

Dot Business is a total partner for your company, a supplier-collaborator able to provide your company what it needs to excel in the marketplace thanks to quality services, provided by competent staff.

Dot Business is therefore a service company focused mainly on internet services such as creating web sites, e-commerce sites and blogs; design and implementation of social media marketing communication activities; implementation of web marketing campaigns; SEO and SEM consulting; but also strategic activities or support not strictly related to web such as strategic marketing and business efficiency consulting; personnel recruiting and training; video production; and a number of extra services such as made in Italy furniture supplying and long-term rental.

We are young, we are communicators, we are dynamic, we are quick in the adaptations, we are resilient, we are eclectic, we are a network of partners working together to reach goals.



Innovative web agency

Dot Business is an innovative web agency

Dot Business was founded by Paolo Boz, in response to a specific need: support companies in the access to the web having a global vision that would include aspects of communication, marketing, strategy and only in the last instance, technicians.

The basic idea on which Dot business is based is that modern businesses need to have only one total partner with whom to establish a collaboration on par to be more competitive in the marketplace by reducing downtime, costs, and errors.

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