E-commerce websites developement

We create e-commerce websites with a complete web marketing service: specific SEO optimization for online sales, advertising, social media marketing.

Selling online is still a great opportunity for companies in a wide range of businesses, both for sale to the B2C consumer and for companies specializing in the B2B.

We have over 10 years of experience in creating e-commerce for online sales and this allows us to carry out complete projects for SMEs and micro-enterprises following a proven protocol:

  • briefing with the customer;
  • analysis of the goals set by the client;
  • market research and analysis of the main competitors;
  • choice of software platform;
  • keyword analysis and selection / search intent;
  • design, installation of the e-commerce site;
  • seo optimization;
  • staff training (if required);
  • web marketing consultancy (seo, social media, advertising);
  • continuous optimization on site and off site for at least 12 months.

Dot Business was born in 2014 on the basis of previous experience gained in the field of e-commerce and is therefore our first love, the one that is never forgotten, the area in which we most enjoy ourselves and know how to give the best of ourselves.

A global service

Integrated e-commerce website consulting and development.

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Magento based e-commerce

We develop online store with the Magento cms.

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WooCommerce solutions

We develop e-commerce using wordpress + woocommerce.

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A global service: e-commerce consultancy and dev

The experience gained over the years has led us to make a decision that may seem drastic: to provide only a complete service that includes both the creation of the online store and web marketing consultancy.

It is not enough to create an online store to sell online, this is just a pre-requisite that must be included in a complete project that includes:

  • logisitcs
  • marketing
  • customer care
  • staff training

and all that is deemed necessary to start an e-commerce business.

Dot Business is therefore the strategic partner that supports you for a period of at least 12 months from the launch of the new site and follows you in the development of your web based business project.

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Magento e-commerce for enterprise solutions

Magento is the most powerful open source e-commerce cms in the world.

We create ecommerce websites with magento platform for companies that want to tackle the online sales experience in a professional manner with an extremely powerful platform that incorporates many features already in the core code.

Ideal for multi-language or multi-regional e-commerce and for B2B solutions where extremely flexible price management is required.

In our opinion, it is still the best cms to face the online market, a high value added solution that can be customized in every aspect, a software that offers countless possibilities of use.

Dot Business provides specific hosting, specific SEO optimization, staff training, design, installation and configuration for professional e-commerce.


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WooCommerce: e-commerce for everyone

The Wordpress + WooCommerce combination allows you to create performance e-commerce sites at a low price and with reduced management costs compared to Magento.

We create WooCommerce based online stores for companies that want to open an online shop and want to have a single platform in which to manage: online sales, blogs and maybe the site for the local business.

It is an open source solution suitable for micro businesses and SMEs that want to approach the e-commerce world with an easy-to-use cms with reduced management costs.

Ideal for small stores that want to expand the market with an omnichannel sales system, and for companies that want to invest in larger projects focused only on online sales.

Dot Business provides a complete service with hosting, SEO optimization, staff training, design, installation and configuration.

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We remind you that we only carry out complete projects with e-commerce creation and consultancy for a minimum of 12 months because we believe this is the correct way to face an investment of this type.

Therefore we kindly ask you to indicate the budget you intend to invest in the creation of the online store and what you intend to allocate monthly to consulting services.

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