E-Business Models

To create a web site, an e-commerce, a blog, to start a web marketing campaign or a communication project based on social media is just a small part of the work required for the project to have a positive outcome.

It is necessary to study and implement a series of activities linked together allowing you to create an e-business model, a global project in its entirety creates value for the company and for customers.

This is what we do in Dot Business, we provide services and advices to enable our clients to create e-business models that generate value through the web, we do not just create websites and e-commerce but we provide comprehensive advice.

Create a website itself or create and publish some posts to some social media without there being a clear strategy, a business plan and explicit goals with deadlines, it is totally useless and the results that they can get are close to zero.

Clients often think that to get good visibility on the web it is enough to create a beautiful site with many pictures and that's it. Or to sell online it is enough to create an e-commerce site with some products and magically you will start selling.

Reality is very different, a strategic work is necessary to analyze the company and understand business climate, the ability to adapt to new markets and motivation that supports the change; it needs a strategy based on objective data to understand what strategic position to pursue, what keywords to focus.

So it is necessary to put toghether many things as an e-Business model in order to create value.

Dot Business way

Dot Business projects are therefore the result of a growth path tailored to the specific needs of our clients, path will be more or less challenging depending on the client needs.

Every website, e-commerce, blog, web marketing or social media marketing campaign created by Dot Business is the result of a strategy, targets, training and communication, where the web based communication aspects will be the key and distinctive elements.

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