Why Dot Business

Dot Business is more than a simple web agency, it is a strategic partner that supports its clients in accessing the web and stimulates their growth.

The Dot Business name and logo tell a lot about our idea of doing business, the approach we have with the customer and with our partner-suppliers.

The name Dot Business

The choice of the name Dot Business is a clear reference to the net economy thanks to the presence of the term Dot which, together with www, is one of the founding pillars of any website.

In fact, without the Dot that separates domains and subdomains, the world wide web would be chaotic and we would struggle to extricate ourselves from the IP addresses which, however, are composed of numbers and points.

The other term in the name, Business, wants to indicate the market to which we address that is the b2b one, providing web based solutions to companies that need to expand or modify their business with the support of internet technology.

But Dot Business has a greater meaning

We believe that to do business today, it is necessary to coordinate and manage many "points" and that these must be aligned in an orderly manner to form complete business models, as in geometry the points are the basis for creating more complex lines and geometric figures.

We believe that it is not enough to focus on single aspects but rather it is important to manage the individual activities according to an overview where everything is linked and it is reductive - as well as counterproductive - to work for watertight compartments.

Dot Business aims to be the fulcrum of many services for use and consumption of the b2b market, a single point, a single strategic partner that provides all the services that a modern company needs.

The Dot Business logo

The Dot Business logo is the visual representation of our concept of doing business, where many aspects - represented by the many points - must flow into one big goal - represented by the black "O" of Dot that condenses in itself all the other colors and therefore all the other points.

Dot Business is the bearer of a new concept of doing business that commits us daily to search for new services to offer to customers to help them overcome the daily challenges posed by the market.

Aesthetically then we must confess that we like colors, color gives strength and energy to ideas, stimulates the mind and the soul in its depth to spur us to give our best every day.

Color is life, it is spring, it is the flowering of nature that is repeated every year since the most ancient times. The color, which abounds in the Dot Business logo, is the bond that we have, today, on this Earth, with history and our ancestors because the evolution of the Earth has brought many changes, has upset the environment, created new objects and it has destroyed others but one thing, we are sure, has remained unchanged: the color.