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Create your e-commerce with Dot Business

E-commerce is a growing market with constant increases in turnover.

While the whole of Europe economy lives difficult years, e-commerce has growth rates in double figures with annual increases of 15-20% for a total turnover of 259 billion dollars, better than the US which has a turnover of 194 billion dollars and a lower annual growth of a few percentage points compared to the UE.

The e-commerce is now a very big marketplace, a lively market where you can still invest and plan growth strategies.

Enter today in the e-commerce market requires reliable partners and a reactive approach to rapid changes, it is no longer time to improvisations.

Create an e-commerce with Dot Business

We create customized e-commerce web sites with advanced features to manage products, customers and promotions.

E-commerce web sites we realize have a responsive design that allow our clients to access immediately and without further costs to mobile commerce, the e-commerce market with the highest growing rates. Our e-commerce sites are designed and created to allow a smooth and intuitive navigation from any device - computers, tablets, smartphones.

Every e-commerce site is custom made, each site is created specifically to respond at needs of our clients by considering the budget availlable, the business plan and product categories.

During e-commerce development we adopt a consultative approach, working alongside our clients in all phases of the project and providing them a constant support that begins before the creation of the web site and ends after the launch of the same:

  • analysis of the company;
  • analysis of the project;
  • strategic advice;
  • choice of e-commerce platform;
  • SEO Analysis;
  • e-commerce installation;
  • content creation;
  • training;
  • follow up.

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