SEM - Search Engine Marketing

We create SEM - Search Engine Marketing - campaigns to improve the visibility of our clients' web sites in the search engine SERP based on specific needs expressed by the clients.

The goal of SEM campaigns is to increase the visibility of websites at specific audiences when they performs a specific search within an search engine like Google or Bing. For example, if you are a company that sells watches we will be interested in increasing our visibility at those looking for words such as "online watch", "wristwatch", "watch strap", "buy watches online", etc.

The result of SEM campaigns will be a sponsored link in the serp, placed in a very visible position no matter what the organic placement of our site is.

When you need a SEM campaign

SEM campaigns allow you to set budget limit for each day or the entire campaign so you have a total control on advertising costs.

The management of budget limits makes this type of advertising ideal for any business, small, medium and large or for individual freelancers who need to increase visibility for some specific keywords.

SEM offers many possibilities, you can use it in support of a branding campaign to promote some offers, to increase the visibility of your website on specific keywords where maybe the competitors are positioned better than us.

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