Web sites

Having a web site is the first step to be present in the web, benefiting from the visibility that internet technology can give to your business.

This applies both to companies that have a geolocalized business, both for companies that operate on a national or international marketplace.

Create a new web site will allow you to build your brand identity, communicate corporate values and quality, promote your products 365 days a year H 24.

Create a web site that is a true communication tool, able to promote your brand and your products, requires a mix of technical and communication skills that you can easily find in Dot Business.

Create a web site with Dot Business

We create custom web sites with responsive web design, able to adapt automatically to the device with which the user navigates - computer, tablet, smartphone - to ensure the best user experience in any condition.

We create websites for companies, freelancers and organizations, each site is created specifically to serve our clients' specific needs and provide end users with pleasant and easy navigation experience.

We pay special attention to user experience because we believe that a website must first be an easy to use tool allowing the user to navigate easily from any device.

In the creation of web sites we work closely with our clients through a process that begins before the site:

  • analysis of business climate;
  • identification of the targets client wants to achieve through the web site creation;
  • choose the appropriate technology;
  • SEO analysis;
  • web site installation;
  • content development;
  • staff training;
  • results checking.

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