Create a blog

We create professional blogs for companies, freelancers and individuals, with responsive custom design to ensure the best experience from any device: computer, tablet or smartphone.

Entrust Dot Business the creation of your corporare blog will allow you to implement advanced solutions and be content owners avoiding those annoying banner ads that usually appear in the free blogs.

Create a professional blog allows you to have advanced statistics, dedicated hosting with performance related to the traffic, the most thorough content management with ability to create real free and independent portals.

Why you need a blog

Create a blog can be a must if you are a company that wants to run an online advertising campaign.

The blog is an easy and powerful tool, it allows you to create your own online newspaper where you can talk with the audience made up of current and potential customers.

In addition, the blog can be integrated within the company web site, in this way you can also get SEO benefit by having a section of the site constantly updated.

In other cases you can use your blog as a real
branded magazine, where the company shall handle the issues that they consider most appropriate to maintain a positive and informal contact with its stakeholders.

Freelancers can use the blog to inform their customers about the latest news regarding their job, think for example to an accountant who needs to communicate legislative updates to all its clients.

A private customer can create a blog for pure leisure, to have a place to write about topics of interest and talk with other web users who have similar interests.

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