Social media marketing

Social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. - play now an important role in the world of online communications for businesses.

Social media allow you to activate a dialogue with your customers by providing a space where they interact, where they can talk to the company, ask questions, offer advices, suggestions and, if considered appropriate, criticism.

The benefit generated by this "equal exchange" has a considerable impact on corporate reputation and brand awareness as it allows both sides - customer and company - to establish an informal dialogue outside the traditional spaces where everyone plays a specific role. In advertising the company conveys a message without being able to hear the customer response, while in the retail spaces dialogue remains bound to the roles of seller and customer.

The world of social media is constantly changing, creating new habits, new spaces and new ways of interaction that companies have to learn to stay in the market.

Social media marketing with Dot Business

Dot Business is a web agency that creates social media marketing campaigns for companies and freelancers.

Each social media marketing campaign is custom-designed for our clients as each company has different needs and requires specific strategies.

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