SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and indicates all activities that help improve the visibility of your website in the organic SERP of a search engine.

In other words, the SEO activities make your site more efficient and more "correct" at the eyes of search engines, so it will be easier that robots correctly interpret the content on the site and propose in the appropriate research to an interested audience.

The result of this optimization is a better site ranking in search engines that achieves a greater number of organic visits, free of charge, content or product interested users.

Organic visits have more high-quality and reduces the medium to long term investment in advertising.

Create optimized web sites

One of the best times to start to use the services of a SEO is to coincide with a site redesign, or planning to launch a new site. This is because creating a new site or completely restyling it you have the opportunity to work more deeply, also intervening in the hardware side of the page.

Faithful to the line suggested by Google, we provide SEO consulting on all new web sites, e-commerce sites and blogs we create, offering our customers a quality service and delivering them an optimized website.

Every new Dot Business web site is designed according to the latest SEO techniques with efficient hosting solutions, logical structures designed according to the visibility that our clients will want to get from the site and optimized content.

The result of this job is a web site or e-commerce in full working order that will ensure the best performance in terms of visibility and goal conversions thanks to a selected audience of visitors and high rankings in the SERP of major search engines.

The main SEO activities that we carry out in Dot Business, together with the creation of a new site, can be summarized thus:

  • analysis of keywords;
  • choice of best technology;
  • hosting choice;
  • site configuration;
  • content structure;
  • content development.

As the SEO activities have long times of latency, the best results are achieved in the medium to long term. For this reason it is important to support this type of optimization to a web marketing campaign based on tools such as SEM, social media and advertising that have shorter reaction times.

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