Dot Business vision

Dot Business Vision

The vision underpinning Dot Business takes us to see a revamped world, different of the one we are living in now, certainly a better world where technology will complete the analogic life without overwhelming it or replaceing it but simply improving it.

We imagine that in a relatively near future any aspect of our lives will be more efficient than it is today because only the efficiency can save our beloved Earth allowing the Man and all the other Earth guests to live well and peacefully.

The efficiency rush has already begun, we are already running but many of us have not yet noticed or have not understood that this is a sea change in the renewal of life.

Technology plays a key role in this, taking on more and more alienating, dangerous or just boring activities. Technology offers endless possibilities for personal and collective growth and it is up to us exploiting this immense potential to do good.

What moves Dot Business is the vision of a better world where technology enables us to use renewable sources of energy, a world where the web is a state of mind and not simply a thing, an extension of our mind.

You can start now to create this world, using your device to navigate the world wide web looking for informations, answers, people like us who want to take the beauty that is there and make it better.


"Let me to give you three tips to start our journey.
I do not pretend that they are the best or represent the best of the web,
I just think they are three good starting points:
Tip 1, Tip 2, Tip 3.

Sincerely, Paolo Boz"



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